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Dear Sara,

It was a pleasure to meet you today and to learn more about you and your work. I am delighted to be able to inform you that the appointment panel was unanimous in its decision to offer you our lectureship in philosophy.

There are so many titles I could've picked for this post:

(1) It all happened so quickly: Two months ago, this possibility wasn't even on my radar.


(2) The longest 10 days of my life: Between receiving the invitation to interview and actually having the interview.


(3) Five out of five: The number of job interviews that I've had in my life which have resulted in an offer.

My interview was Friday; there were three other candidates. After my interview (interviewing is horrible. It's like the worst oral exam ever, and no matter how well you do, only one person will get a passing grade), I went out with friends, and when I returned to my room at 3:00am, the above email, from about four hours prior, was awaiting me. Pending sorting out details (e.g., exact pay scale, work visa for the UK, start date), we'll be moving to Durham in fall.

I feel old

Feb. 1st, 2006 10:48 am
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Today is my nephew Owen's first birthday (though this pic is from the middle of Dec., so it's a little out of date). I feel...I dunno, old, maybe? It's not so much that I particularly am old, but now my sister has a kid who is a year old, and by the end of the further three years that we'll be here, could very well have another one, and by the end of those three years Joel and I could very well have one, and it's that which makes me feel old. I shouldn't be old enough that in three years my sister possibly has two kids and I possibly have one. Nope. Uh unh. I'm not that old! (This is almost weirder than my mom's 50th birthday two weeks ago.)

my grandma

Jan. 12th, 2006 01:21 pm
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I just got an email from my mom that my Grandma (my dad's mom) died in her sleep last night. She'd been ill for years, so it doesn't really surprise me, but she's the first of my grandparents to die. And I'm here in Amsterdam and almost certainly can't make it back for the funeral. :(


Dec. 24th, 2005 07:48 pm
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One of my hard drives died today. (Yes, I know I should back up more often than I do). This is the first hard drive that I've had die in the 19+ years that I've been using computers. I shouldn't complain too much, but this means Joel is going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day trying to recover data from it. :(


Dec. 2nd, 2005 12:58 pm
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We have a stereo!!! After having been unable to listen to any of my music since August 16, on the drive from Joel's parents place to my sister's place, we now have the facilities to play music again! This makes me one happy person.
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Yup, I have finally created a LiveJournal. However, in an effort to keep it from extracting too much of my free time, I intend to limit posts here primarily to the following:

1. descriptions of foreign travel, trips to museums, outings, SCA events, etc.
2. logical musings and notes so that I don't have to email them back and forth to myself between computers.
3. occassional interjections of important announcements.


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