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I've started reviewing every (new) book that I read Goodreads. I am somewhat behind; I've got 4-5 that I have read but haven't reviewed yet, so that combined with the 42 reviews that are up there means I've been reading about 1 new book per week this year.

Makes me quite happy!
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Illuminated Books in Hungary, by Ilona Berkovits. Plenty of color plates; I don't know much about Hungarian illumination but enough of the plates had distinctive enough motifs that I decided it was worth getting.

A Medieval Latin-english Dictionary: Based on a Set of Unpublished 15th Century Manuscripts by Florent Tremblay. I've often bemoaned the lack of existence of a Renaissance Latin dictionary. This isn't quite that, but it does fill a niche and I expect it will have some glosses that other dictionaries don't.

Domesday Names: An Index of Latin Personal and Place Names in Domesday Book by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan and David Thornton. This had been on my "to buy" list for some time now.

Boethius by John Marenbon. I've found the Anselm book in the same series to be extremely interesting and useful and since I'm hoping to work on Boethius's De Hypothecisis Syllogismis in the near future, figured it would be useful to have this one on hand too.

Trades and Crafts in Mediaeval Manuscripts by Paticia Basing. Just couldn't pass it up.

The Place-Names of Bute by Gilbert Markus. Only ~2 weeks off the press!

Saracenic Heraldry by L.A. Mayer. A classic on the subject.

The Cambridge History of Later Medieval Philosophy ed. by Norman Kretzmann et al. This was my big score for the conference. I'd borrowed Benedikt's copy for about 6 years, but when we moved I had to return it to him. I've been looking for my own copy for quite some time, but it's often really expensive. I got this one for 35GBP!

Royal Beasts by H. Stanford London. About the badges of the royal family of England.

Pilate in Caledonia: The Chronicle of the Birth of Pontius Pilate in Fortingall by Neil Hooper. A short little piece of fiction written by the friend of the guy who published the Bute book; it was only a few pounds so I got a copy for fun.
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Because lately I can't seem to get away from them without spending more than 100EUR.

In justification of today's spree, I will say that 90EUR of that was gift certificates. Occasionally the UvA does really nice things for their employees, such as deciding that they need gift certificates to buy books for "personal enrichment". The boekenbon are good at the majority of bookstores across the Netherlands. I'd been hording them for a few years or so (OK, I'll admit that some of them weren't being horded, but were in fact lost for most of that time and only came to light when I packing to move office), and decided today was the day to go spend them at the American Book Centre, which is conveniently located on Spui, where there is a used book market every Friday. I decided to indulge myself so I came home with:

Three books by Michael Chabon
Three by John Irving
Two by Terry Pratchett (I know think I finally have all the Discworld books)
Two by Neil Gaiman
Good Omens, finally.
Two fiction books for adults by Roald Dahl (this should be interesting!)
112 Mercer Street which mom had recommended at the level of "good read, but probably not worth buying", but it was on the Science Bargians shelf so it was pretty cheap.
Turkse Miniaturen, in Dutch but it's mostly pretty pictures
Medieval Goldsmith's Work with 71 color plates; not really my thing, but it was pretty cheap, and it's interesting enough that I'll probably hang on to it for awhile before offering it on the Drachenwald list to see if anyone else would like it more.
Otto Pächt, Buchmalerei des Mittelalters, with lots of color plates.

This should keep me from whinging about having nothing to read for...about two weeks. More taking into account that I'll be gone at an event this weekend, in Paris for 5 days around next weekend, and then at another event the weekend after. So this stash might actually last me until mid-June if I'm lucky.
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Announce a library booksale starting at 9:30.

I checked in advance and they were only going to be accepting cash so I had to get up early enough this morning to swing by the ATM; I didn't know if this would be the "sell books at close to cost" or "sell books for a pittance" type of booksale, so I had to budget for the former. Luckily, it turned out to be the latter -- at 1EUR a piece, I could pick up anything that looked like it might be vaguely interesting, and came away with 22 books. A lot of them are old Ph.D. dissertations on game theory related topics which I thought there was a chance Joel might find useful so I got them. I got a few things for myself -- The Boole-DeMorgan correspondence, Bibliography and research manual of the history of mathematics, and some general philosophy of language/math/science books. Nothing too outstanding, but still worth getting up before the sun had wholly risen.


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