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I'd never really thought of myself as a optimist or a pessimist until grad school, particularly after we moved to Amsterdam, when I became an optimist out of self-preservation, given the relentless pessimism of both my husband and my supervisor. The trend seems to have continue, at least with respect to child-rearing. No matter what evidence I may have to the contrary, every single night, I go to bed and think "maybe tonight I'll get a good night's sleep!"

The problem is, it turns out true just often enough for me to continually be able to think that tonight's the night. For 8 months or so now, Gwen has pretty consistently slept 7-7, with half hour fluctuations on either side of either number. Not bad at all! However, even a half fluctuation early on the waking side of things really kills me -- and if it's *gasp* 40 minutes, or more, before 7:00, I lose all hope in the future and faith in humanity.

Daylight savings in Europe ends a week earlier than in the US, so we dealt with that two weekends ago -- though she transitioned to the later bed-time right away, this did not correlate to a later wake-up time, instead, it correlated with a half hour or so earlier wake-up time; there were a few mornings when she was up at 5:30/5:45 (kill me now). After about three mornings of that I started putting her to bed at 6:30 instead of 7:00, and that helped tremendously, but even though we're still erring on the early side for bed, she's still rarely sleeping until 7:00. When she gets up before 6:30, I've been trying to put her back to bed; if she won't stay in bed, I'll try bringing her into bed with us. The latter rarely works, since she squirms and wiggles -- but at least she doesn't talk, which is a plus. But occasionally the putting back to bed works; Saturday, she woke up around 5:50, I put her back to bed, she was up again around 6:10, put her back to bed again -- and then she slept until 8:25! (Of course, we then paid for it with a late and short afternoon nap).

This morning, she was up and at the baby gate (we don't have a door to our bedroom, just a gate) at 4:50, which is extremely unusual. I'm not sure she was even entirely awake, and I was pretty confident I'd get her to go back to sleep if I tucked her back in. Sure enough, when I next heard her peremptory "mama!" at the gate, it was a little after 7:00!

I'd totally go back to waking up once in the middle of the night if it meant I didn't have to get out of bed until 7:00.

Then again, I can't complain too much. My sister hasn't gotten 8 hours worth of unbroken sleep in nearly 9 years! (And she's got at least another 2 years to go, I don't think I've mentioned here yet, but I've got another niece or nephew on the way in spring!)


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