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Illuminated Books in Hungary, by Ilona Berkovits. Plenty of color plates; I don't know much about Hungarian illumination but enough of the plates had distinctive enough motifs that I decided it was worth getting.

A Medieval Latin-english Dictionary: Based on a Set of Unpublished 15th Century Manuscripts by Florent Tremblay. I've often bemoaned the lack of existence of a Renaissance Latin dictionary. This isn't quite that, but it does fill a niche and I expect it will have some glosses that other dictionaries don't.

Domesday Names: An Index of Latin Personal and Place Names in Domesday Book by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan and David Thornton. This had been on my "to buy" list for some time now.

Boethius by John Marenbon. I've found the Anselm book in the same series to be extremely interesting and useful and since I'm hoping to work on Boethius's De Hypothecisis Syllogismis in the near future, figured it would be useful to have this one on hand too.

Trades and Crafts in Mediaeval Manuscripts by Paticia Basing. Just couldn't pass it up.

The Place-Names of Bute by Gilbert Markus. Only ~2 weeks off the press!

Saracenic Heraldry by L.A. Mayer. A classic on the subject.

The Cambridge History of Later Medieval Philosophy ed. by Norman Kretzmann et al. This was my big score for the conference. I'd borrowed Benedikt's copy for about 6 years, but when we moved I had to return it to him. I've been looking for my own copy for quite some time, but it's often really expensive. I got this one for 35GBP!

Royal Beasts by H. Stanford London. About the badges of the royal family of England.

Pilate in Caledonia: The Chronicle of the Birth of Pontius Pilate in Fortingall by Neil Hooper. A short little piece of fiction written by the friend of the guy who published the Bute book; it was only a few pounds so I got a copy for fun.
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So, the chapter that was supposed to finished by the middle of Dec.? Well, I have to add page numbers to two references, which I can't do until the copy I ordered of the book the paper is in arrives; write some axioms; and proof everything in section 7.4.3. But other than that, it's done! (If you want to read it, you'll probably want the companion piece, Appendix D, which has the translations of all the Latin quotes.)

And the October 2008 LoAR was published this morning, the November LoAR is in proofreading until tonight, the December LoAR is ready to go out to proofreading on Sunday, and my January meeting isn't until tomorrow. I suddenly have the rest of the afternoon and the entire evening completely free! (Guilt-free, that is). I think I'm going to tidy things up here, and go home (while it's still light out! When was the last time that happened?) and make something yummy for supper, probably ham lentil soup, since we have ham, lentils, carrots, and celery already.

one year

Aug. 30th, 2006 08:36 pm
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A year ago today, we arrived in the Netherlands. Has it really been that long ago? There were times when I wasn't sure we'd made the right decision, or what we'd do if it turned out we hadn't, but the last few months have pretty much proved all of those worries wrong. I'm very glad we came, very sorry that our stay is now 1/4 over, and feel only moderately guilty that I haven't missed my friends and family more. (This is not to say that I wouldn't be thrilled if you decided to come visit!)

I feel like I should say something deep and pithy about the last year's experiences, but to be honest, my mind is currently occupied by more mundane things - such as the fact that the last week and a half's worth of work has produced an errata letter which is now over 55 pages. (Don't worry, herald folks, it'll be published with the LoARs in parts.)

And now, my feet are cold, but I can't justify turning the heat on in the house this early in the year, so I'm going to go take a bath.
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I'm still working through the 1541 lay subsidy roll of London, and what did I just find in Cripplegate Ward? The Clarencious Kinge of Armys (who paid £100 in taxes) and one Mr. York Harrold (who paid £50 in taxes, and whose given name I really doubt is "York".)



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