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My mom and nephew Owen arrived last Thursday morning. Since then, it's been a busy few days, in some of the most beautiful weather I have ever experienced in Amsterdam (> 20 every day and sunny!).

Thursday: Went out to Science Park for the afternoon since I had to teach. Afterwards, Owen enjoyed climbing in the left-behind dirt piles and searching for shells.

Friday: Went downtown to rent a bike for mom, had a picnic lunch at one park, and went to another later. In the evening, folks came over for pizza to celebrate my birthday.

Saturday: The four of us, plus Martijn and Wendy and Jesse went to Zaanse Schans.

Sunday: Day of rest, as it should be, though it involved many trips to various parks.

Monday: Bike trip to Muiden to see the Muiderslot. As it happened, it was Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) there, so the main city streets were awfully busy, but luckily the castle itself wasn't too much. Got to see part of the falconry display too, including two adorably fluffy little babies.

Tuesday: Trip to the market to pick up essential souvenirs, such as cheese and lace curtains. Then we spent about 4.5 hours at the zoo, capping the day off with watching the sealions do tricks for fish.

I've been posting photos as we went.

Today the Heidelberg project proposal was evaluated. We got an A- (and only one project out of the entire cluster got a grade A, so this is very good), and now it's off to the DFG to see if they'll give us money. :) Another stretch of waiting, but again, it's just waiting -- the chances of us not getting the money are pretty unlikely given how highly our project has been graded. We won't know for sure until sometime next year (*sigh*), but in all essentials, I'm going to go into the future with the plan that everything will work out, which means that sometime between Sept. and Nov. 2012, we'll be moving to Heidelberg for four years.


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