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by [ profile] eliskimo:

Here's the gig: write 6 things about yourself; then tag 6 other people on your friend's list to do the same.

1. When I was younger, I used to want to be a mailman when I grew up. I was an avid stamp collecter and was fascinated at the idea of seeing what kinds of mail, to whom, and from where, the people on my route would receive and send.

2. I really dislike lumpy, grainy food. It has nothing to do with the taste and everything to do with the texture. I can choke down potatos if they are served to be by an unknowing host, but it's hard.

3. I first got involved in researching names when I was bored one day when I was 10, opened up our big two-volume dictionary, and found a list of popular men's and women's names in the introductory material, complete with meanings.

4. I hate wearing socks in bed, even though in winter I have terribly cold feet.

5. I'm a strong believer in that one can never have too much chocolate.

6. I've read The Lord of the Rings more than any other book; I first read it when I was 7 or 8, and then for the next 10 years or so read it one to three times each year. I still have large portions of it roughly memorized, and when I went to see the movies for the first time, my friends had to keep elbowing me as I quoted all the lines before they were said.

Whom to tag? How about...[ profile] baron_berwyn, [ profile] kontzel, [ profile] leleth_faery, [ profile] panizvaka, and [ profile] snowy_owl30.


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