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Sep. 1st, 2014 09:36 am
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If all goes well, exactly four weeks from now Gwen and I will be arriving on British soil for the start of the next chapter of our lives.

The "all" in question being:

  • Have our visa applications accepted

  • Succeed in opening a bank account.

  • Find a place to rent.

  • Make travel arrangements.

  • Determine when Joel will join us.

  • Secure and schedule movers.

  • Obtain child care for Gwen.

We can't make any headway on any of this until at least the 11th, which is the earliest we could be informed that our passports are ready for pick-up in Düsseldorf. Joel refuses to rent a place sight unseen, so the plan is that once we receive notification of the (hopefully successful) outcome of our applications, he'll take the train to Düsseldorf, pick up all our passports, then continue on to Amsterdam, fly EasyJet to Newcastle, and then look at every single possible rental property until either (a) he finds one that is suitable or (b) he needs to make his way back to the Netherlands for Borefts. Even if he doesn't find us a place, if I have a valid work visa, Gwen and I will be taking the overnight ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle after the festival, and we'll just impose upon the hospitality of our friends until we can find a place: Because classes start Oct. 6, and I'll be teaching Mondays and Thursdays.

I have been avoiding writing here because everything is so overwhelming and I'm compensating by simply ignoring as much of it as possible. I really can't wait for the next 4 weeks to be over.
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Joel commented this afternoon that he's got a slowly rising feeling of panic, looking around at our house given that we're moving in three days and nothing is packed, and normally, three days before moving our house is mostly boxes and we've been packing steadily for a month or so.

I, on the other hand, look around and think "and I don't have to worry about any of this", because the movers will be packing it all up. It's expensive (ending up to being more than twice as much as we were originally quoted, unfortunately), but I have so far only had one moving nightmare, which is way, way below the norm. I'm also still not entirely sure how the Gwen + cat train trip will go (do I take Gwen in the stroller or the front carrier? The former increases the chances that she'll nap during the trip, but also means that I'm trying to manhandle both a stroller and a cat carrier, and I already can't get the stroller on and off DB trains by myself. On the third hand, I bet I could get lots of pity help traveling in that fashion).

We do have a few boxes of books in the livingroom from cleaning out my office on campus, and Gwen has been showing that she's ready to help us unpack, by assiduously pulling the books out of the box one by one and strewing them across the livingroom.

I made another batch of nougat today for my entry in the A&S competition this weekend. Almost all of the Queen stuff that I have is also packed, ready for the hand over. I have two scrolls that I need to write the text for and calligraph. I can do this before Tuesday. I can. Thank goodness Gwen goes to daycare tomorrow afternoon.
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I've started packing for the move. I figure if I pack 2-3 boxes of books every day, hopefully I'll be done before Dec. 1.

Boy, is it exhausting. I'm very glad that when the time comes and we rent a van to haul the majority of things down to Tilburg, we'll have help loading and unloading, because frankly, I'm not going to be doing anything more than supervising. Mom always said that most relaxed move she ever made was the one done 3 weeks before I was born (and on my actual due date!), as the first thing off the truck was the rocking chair and all she had to do was sit and direct. I'm hoping to have similar moving experiences, both pre- and post-baby, since we aren't going to try to do it all in one go.

The other reason that I'm starting to pack now, even though we won't get the keys for another 2.5 weeks, is to do my best to stave off the stress caused by the previous move, where we didn't budget enough man-hours and which resulted in me having nightmares about housemoving for years following. (Actually one of the biggest reasons I resisted apartment hunting for so long: I did NOT want to face that again). If I do things slowly, and see regular progress, hopefully that'll keep me from getting too overwhelmed.


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