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Joel saw five places on Wednesday, two of which were possibilities. Yesterday morning he told me all about them, and though, on paper, I would've leaned for one, he said that the other was so much more gezellig, and anyone who has lived in the Netherlands knows that that pretty much says it all. So we tag-teamed paperwork and submitted it by the end of the day. The agent won't be meeting with the landlord until Sunday, but given that the online listings already say "let agreed", I think we're likely to get it. (Unfortunately, since the agent won't meet the landlord until Sunday, and Joel's flight home is Sunday afternoon, he's unlikely to get the keys before he leaves, but the place is available immediately and hence I should be able to pick the up on the 29th as soon as we arrive in Durham). Hurrah, we might not have to be homeless! It's this place, actually a three bedroom, something we thought vanishingly rare on the rental market! But there's a catch: The place is also for sale. However, Joel said the owner would take it off the market if we took a 12 month contract, or two 6 month contracts, and he (Joel) at least seems to think it's a place we might be interested in buying, so it may very well be that that's what we'll do. I'm reserving judgment until I see it: I'm having a hard time visualising how our things will fit in all the rooms (though the SVG floorplans that we have indicate that the rooms are much bigger than the pictures demonstrate), and it doesn't have much of a yard. Still, it's .3 of a mile from Gwen's daycare, and another .3 further to my office, and it's within the cachement area of the grade school everyone's been recommending, so it may end up being just right. Best part is, if the movers are available, they could pack everything up on Sept. 30 and deliver on Oct. 2, and Joel would arrive on Oct. 2 or Oct. 3, so we'd be apart less than a week and have everything in the place before classes start: Amazing.


Gwen and I had a wonderful evening tonight, one of those that makes you happy to have an almost-3-year-old, that makes you feel like yes, you are a good parent, despite the fact that every morning when you're roused before your desire you spent 15-30 min. sitting grumpily in the rocking chair reading blogs on your phone. It was so muggy today, just awful, and since there's a conference I'm trying to catch a few talks at in between cleaning up my office (my office mate with a car and spare boxes is going to meet up with me on Sunday to help me get everything home), I was doing a lot of biking -- to daycare and then home, to the conference then to the office, then to the conference and back out to daycare and then home. It was just nasty, not so hot but your clothes got soaked with sweat. Gwen asked "what supper eat?" and was not thrilled at the idea of having the same thing she'd had last night, which was leftovers from the night before, and I couldn't blame her, so I suggested we see about getting a melon and some ham, and maybe some ice cream from the market. Alas, they had no melons, so we came home with some paprikas and two really nice ripe tomatos, and I also brought a decent beer from the refridgerated section. Gwen ate eagerly with the promise of ice cream, and after supper we went down to the sand pit where she played, and I read my book, and drank my beer. At one point she climbed on my lap and we made sport of trying to kiss the other on the nose or chin without allowing the other to do so. She laughed uproariously. Then, on a whim (or maybe 'cause of the beer), I decided, what the heck, she always seems to have such fun jumping from the ledge into the sand pit, so I decided to try it out. And yes, it's just as much fun jumping barefoot into a sand pit as she makes it seem. We jumped together for about 10 minutes, climbing up, counting to 10, jumping, and repeating. She laughed and laughed and I did too. Then she picked up all her sand toys before I even had to ask her to do so, and we went upstairs for our usual round of videos, stories, songs, and (a new addition), reading by herself. Given that it's been about 15-20 min. and I haven't heard from here, I wonder if she's fallen asleep with the light on. I'll check in another 10-15 min. to see if I'm right.

It was a lovely evening.


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