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Yesterday I had some song lyrics going through my head from a song I haven't listened to in probably 20 years. On a whim, I decided to look it up on youtube. One thing lead to another and I tracked down the track listings for two albums and then reconstructed one of them on youtube, and then today when I was listening to them again, one of the "you might also like" songs on the sidebar was another of my favorites (by a different artist) from the same period: Lamb I and Lamb III by Lamb/Joel Chernoff, and The Ministry Years (vol. 1) by Keith Green. This is music I listened to on endless repeat around age 10-11. We had recently moved from Waukesha to Marshfield (the first time I'd ever moved). I had just discovered the Lord of the Rings and was deeply immersed in writing a sequel to it (Fargon's Castle, the first of a set of four books, one which, alas, only 1.5 were ever written. There are 9 printed and bound (and signed!) copies of Fargon's Castle in the world. Someday they will be a collector's item!). I cannot read either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings without Keith Green songs running through my head. Songs from Lamb I were inspiration for some of the names of characters in Fargon's Castle. And though until today it had been almost 20 years since I'd last heard it, Keith Green's "The Sheep and the Goats" was nearly quoted in one of the chapters of my dissertation.

Some day soon I need to sit down and make a list of all of the music that I grew up with that I haven't acquired since, and start acquiring it, because there's a lot, and so much of it is intensely tied with formative parts of my life. I simply would not be the person that I am today if I hadn't listened to this music. The reason I haven't started doing this yet is that about a year ago Joel and I ripped all our CDs to flac format and now our music is all electronic, and we'd really like to not acquire more CDs. But if I'm going to reconstruct the playlists of my childhood, I DON'T want them in MP3 format, I want something good. And trying to find music in flac format is...difficult. Oh sure, for some things (like the Keith Green CDs, which were two of the first CDs my parents bought after we got our first CD player), I could just rip copies of myself, but this clashes with the fact that I would actually like to pay for music that I listen to regularly and hasn't explicitly been made freely available. I find it frustrating how difficult it can be sometimes to pay for electronic things like music and TV shows. I really feel some sympathy for people who pirate these things, because sometimes there just isn't any clear way of acquiring them legally! (Point me to where I can buy music in a wide range of genres in flac format, and I will cheerfully start spending my money there). And in the meantime, there's youtube...
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Last night Martijn and I went to a Vampire Weekend show in the Paradiso. That was great fun -- by far the most rambunctious show I've ever been to (let's just say, I'm glad we were standing in the first balcony, rather than down on the ground floor. I don't know if I'm claustrophobic or not, but I'd rather not be put in a position to find out.) There was a guy that we saw right near the stage with a HUGE camera. Some of the pictures he took are presumably the ones in this article, which is a nice review of the show, along with the set-list.

Lots of fun! And I still got home in time to watch Sablikova win gold in the women's 5,000, and then since they rescheduled the second run of the slalom I actually got to bed at a reasonable hour!
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when listing the CDs I've acquired in the last three weeks or so:

  • "The Celts Rise Again"

  • "Fight of the Green Linnet"

  • "Heart of the Gaels"

Three mix CDs from Green Linnet Records; we discovered these at the library when I was in junior high, and after checking them out a few times mom and dad purchased copies of these, and Silly Wizard, "A Glint of Silver", for themselves. I listened to these a lot in junior high and high school; I don't think I ever borrowed them after I went off to Madison, though, which means that last week was the first time I'd listened to these in about 10 years.

Much fun.
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Yay! Joel and I now have tickets to go see Shearwater live in concert at the beginning of May. It's been a long time since either of us have been to a show -- I want to say the last time was when Garen Gueyikian played at the Rat, which was after he was done with "Granian" but before he started "Kill the Alarm" (unless you count listening to Caroline's Spine playing at the Taste of Madison the summer before we moved). Ever since [ profile] gflower introduced me to Shearwater I've gotten hooked; I've got most of their NPR "songs of the day" in my NPR playlist, picked up "Rook" when I was in TN and mom brought me "Palo Santo", and I've listened to one of their concerts quite often. Can't wait to hear them live.

I've gone on a bit of a music craze in the last few weeks. We've bought maybe 10 CDs since moving, and in the last two weeks or so I've acquired nearly that many:

  • Shearwater, "Rook"

  • Shearwater, "Palo Santo" (expanded version)

  • Death Cab for Cutie, "Narrow Stairs"

  • Fleet Foxes, "Fleet Foxes"

  • Nada Surf, "Lucky"

  • Firewater, "The Golden Hour"

  • Strawbs, "The Broken-Hearted Bride" (early birthday present from mom; haven't listened to it yet, can't wait!)

  • Teräsbetoni, "Metallitotuus"

  • Teräsbetoni, "Vaadimme metallia"

I think that's all. Yay, new, good music!


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