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After her morning nap (> 2 hours long, it was great!), Gwen and I went out sock shopping. She's definitely growing again, as this week I've had to retire the rest of her 50-56 sized onesies (not surprising as she was 57cm at her appt. at the end of Jan.), and also all but one pair of her socks, including all the cute 62-68 sized ones I'd bought in early Jan.! Not only are her feet too long for them, her calves are too chunky. :) So now we're up into the 74-80 sized socks. I certainly don't mind the excuse to buy new socks! We came home with 8 cute pairs in purple and green and pink, lots of stripes and spots.

That's not all we came home with. It was a gorgeous day out -- sunny, not too windy, around 8-10 -- so we took the long way around while shopping, and as we were promenading down Schouwburgpromenade, I saw something in the window of a store. I backtracked, confirmed that it was indeed what I thought it was. Made a split second decision, ducked in, tried on a few until I found the right size (still not quite sure what size my post-pregnancy feet are), asked to try the other one of the pair on, showed them to Gwen, told the clerk I really don't need any more shoes even though I really liked them, but at 20 EUR how could I resist? So we also came home with these:



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